Pulverizer Services

Lewis Mechanical is continuously developing new technologies to improve the reliability and overall performance, and to reduce operating and maintenance costs of its Lewis Mechanical Roll Wheel and E/EL pulverizers. These design innovations and improvements have proven effective in applications worldwide.

Lewis Mechanical Roll Wheel pulverizer improvement solutions:
• Roll Wheel assembly rebuild programs
• Roll Wheel gear drive remanufacturing
• High-spin stationary classifier
• Redesigned classifier cone discharge assembly
• DSVS® rotating classifier
• Low pressure drop rotating throat
• Wearesistor® asymmetric tires
• Wearesistor® asymmetric low-profile tires and grinding segments
• Smooth ID grinding segments
• Segmented yoke air seal carrier and replaceable labyrinth segments
• Auto-Spring™ wheel loading system
• Heavy duty coil springs
• Primary air chamber access door
• Cera-VAM® erosion protection
• Wear plate gap protective covers (awnings)

E/EL pulverizer solutions:
• E to EL conversions
• High spin stationary classifier
• Raw coal diverter chute
• Bolt-through housing units
• Two-fluted EL pulverizer housing unit
• LongLife™ 13-5/8 inch diameter grinding ball
• On-Track retrofit package
• High inlet air temperature operation modifications
• Main shaft air seal housing with replaceable seal rings
• Spring bolt assemblies
• Pneumatically-operated pyrites gates
• Grinding zone access door
• Cera-VAM® erosion protection
• DSVS® rotating classifier