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FPS Igniters and Flame Scanners

FPS Igniters: Wall and Corner Fired

Lewis Mechanical offers new and replacement FPS gas, oil and dual fuel igniters, igniter auxiliary equipment, optical and fiber optic flame scanners and control systems for wall-fired and corner-fired boiler applications.

Unlike other igniter products, the FPS igniter system uses a unique SunSpot flame detection system. The SunSpot system is factory-calibrated for each specific expected firing arrangement.

Benefits include:
• Discrete flame detection (no false signals)
• No periodic maintenance required
• No field calibration
• No delicate optics to break or get dirty

Flame Scanners

Lewis Mechanical offers reliable flame scanning and detection systems for a variety of fuels and burner configurations.
• SunSpot II igniter flame detector for oil, gas and duel fuel igniters
• Spectrum VIR VI flame scanner for a variation of fuels and burner configurations
• Spectrum UV flame scanner for propane or natural gas fired, multiple burner boilers